Friday, 30 January 2015

S4-02 Class Decoration Write Up 2015

Class: S402

Form/Co-form Teacher:
Miss Ng Ee Nee / Miss Tan Sook Qin

Class Theme: Motivation With Class Spirit

Class Motto: “Hand in hand, together we can!”

Class Mission Statement: We will be proactive and work hard to the best we can be, and synergize to help others to the best they can be

Class Goals: We will
- be respectful to peers and staff of SST
- work quietly and not disturb others
- be honest and trustworthy
- be prepared for class and learn from our mistakes
- be our best at everything
Class Code of Conduct:
  • Come to class on time
  • Pay attention to the teachers
  • Do not misuse the learning device.
  • Students are personally responsible for proper care for all books, supplies, furnitures and equipments supplied by the school.
  • Talk only when permitted. Use polite / appropriate speech and body language.
  • Hand in all assignments on time. 402NB.jpg

Write-up (ALL WUNJUAN xD)

Since this year is our final year together as a class, we decided to use “Inspirational Quotes” as the theme for  our class decoration. The main reason behind the theme is because we are having our O's this year, so the class will be able to contribute inspirational quotes to beautify the class and also to motivate us. The students are able to either create their own inspirational posters or source them from the Internet.  

The background of the noticeboard at the back of the classroom is covered with newspapers which are overlapped and disorderly placed. We found that arranging the newspapers in an orderly manner (like the other classes) looks dull and not aesthetically pleasing, hence we arranged it at random so there would be some depth and concurrently adding a 3D feel to it. At the top of the noticeboard, there is a tilted stenciled class logo in red. Below the logo, there are polaroids of ourselves arranged in a triangle. The top of the triangle are formed by the exco, while the rest are formed by the members of the class. All the polaroids are connected by twine, which is then linked to the class logo above. This shows the close bonds formed among us and signifies that we would overcome all the obstacles we run into in this year together. The noticeboard is also filled with the subjects headers, which are yellow in color and folded in such a way that it looks like a sticky note (post-it note). The board is also filled with various inspirational posters.

The walls of the classroom are also decorated with inspirational quotes selected/created by the students. At the front of the classroom, there are 2 notice boards which are purposely left free for the students to put up their own inspirational/motivational quotes. (if they come across any which they think is motivating/interesting etc.).

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