Friday, 2 January 2015

Reminder (5 January 2015)

Bring the following items

1. Student's medical record
2. Withdrawal of Pupil Edusave Fund for Enrichment programme
3. Consent Form (Back to School Service to Elderly)
4. Report book (Brandi, Ming Hui, Ben, Ding Wen, Douglas, Issac)
5. Food, games, refreshments (low sugar/mineral water), gift for the elderly, photos
6. Complete pre-service survey
7. Food items for Food Donation Drive
8. Grooming (Sean, Guan Qun, Bennett)
9. Complete post service learning reflection.
10. Update contact details (SDM)
11. Pink slips (Ibrahim and Darelyn)
12. Math Homework (Vectors), calculator, file, notebook

Monday morning assembly will be conducted in MPH.

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